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Morph plugin licence

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Morph Plugin is not for free? if not....exist some time unlimited version?


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That's correct - MorphSVGPlugin is a membership benefit of Club GreenSock (see https://greensock.com/club/). Hopefully you'll find that the membership would pay for itself literally in a matter of days or less. 


You're welcome to try MorphSVGPlugin for free on codepen as much as you'd like. Here's a URL with links to special versions of every plugin that only works on codepen: 

See the Pen OPqpRJ by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

. Give it a shot; I think you'll like it.


Our entire licensing model (which you can read about at http://greensock.com/why-license/) is based on the honor system and a simple number-of-developers pricing structure. We don’t require that you “register" each person or project, nor do we inject “phone home” scripts that report usage or suddenly cause things to stop working if your license expires. We extend respect to our users and trust that it'll be reciprocated. Thus far, it has worked well. We’ve been doing this for a decade now with no plans to stop. :)


Let us know if you need anything else at all. Happy tweening!



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Thank You for quick answer...

I am from Czech Republic, we are poor country and for animate one small "logo" is such payment which is time limited  a lot of money. It was the reason why I asked about the licence/pricing.


Thank You

Regards ZAJDAN

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