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Timeline event callbacks (maybe add onPause/onStop)

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Do you think if it would be useful to add onPause/onStop event callback? So the state of timeline could be obtained more convenient way? Or maybe I miss something? States:


- never played

- playing

- paused/stopped/killed but not completed

- paused/stopped/killed and completed





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Thanks for the suggestion. 

I can see how there are cases where additional callbacks could be useful, but we really try to keep the API as lean as possible in terms of files size and performance. In addition to files and performance, when we add features there's usually a strong case to be made that involves both:


  •  something that is in high demand
  • can't be achieved with existing API methods

With methods like paused(), isActive(), progress() you can pretty much get any type of state info that you need.


In most cases where you want custom code to run whenever an animation is paused you can wire up a function like


function pauseAnimation(animation) {


 console.log("the animation has been paused");

//more custom code


then later




On a larger scale you could use a more object-oriented approach where perhaps each animation is the property of an object and that object has custom methods for controlling its animations, firing events, clean up, and all that stuff.


Again, your suggestion is appreciated and valid. We always monitor how high the demand is for these types of things and your suggestions always help.


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