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So I have been having tons of fun with GSAP for the last month doing animations for an Mobile App Idea I've had for some time. I've used TweenMax and TimelineMax to create some really cool animations with SVGs in a hybrid mobile app using the ionic platform. I've searched the internet and have found lots of help getting started (especially in these forums) but I am not finding anything on battery performance.


I ported a minimal version of my app over to my Iphone 6s Plus and was testing it. Everything was working great but then I realized that my battery life was draining fast. I mean 5% in 1 minute. I looked at the diagnostics in Xcode and it was because of the heavy GPU usage. I am going to try using TweenLite and TimelineLite for all those animations that I can but will that decrease battery usage? What have you guys done in your apps to decrease battery usage with GSAP? Or am I using the wrong technologies for what I want to accomplish?


Thanks ahead of time!

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Well, it certainly sounds like graphics rendering is the issue, and that's not really related to GSAP. SVG is notoriously hard on the CPU (well, perhaps the GPU eventually) because every pixel must be re-fabricated on the fly. With raster graphics, they can be shoved over to the GPU and then just manipulated with matrices for the most part (much cheaper), but of course the tradeoff is that things aren't razor sharp with raster graphics. 


GSAP already powers down whenever possible, like when you switch tabs or when there aren't any animations happening for a while. 


My guess is that you're just pushing a lot of pixels around on the screen and that's expensive. I wish I had a silver bullet to offer you. The fewer pixels that change on each tick, the cheaper it's gonna be on your battery.


Happy tweening!

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Thanks for the response. I will see what happens when I turn off the continuous movement that I have got going on. With GSAP, you won't get the same control over an element with raster graphics like you would with an SVG, right? maybe a mixture of raster and SVG is the right call so the complex animations can be SVGs while more simple ones can be raster. I will give that a go and see what i come up with.

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Well, if you need to literally morph the lines/shapes in the graphics or something, yeah, SVG is your only option. Raster graphics are basically like photos or screen shots (baked pixels). It's not really about simple vs. complex. See what I mean? 

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Oh totally but I have some things that are not changing but simply moving across the screen. I think that would be an ideal candidate for a raster graphic like an png. Possibly using sprites on others could help as well.

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