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Animation continue after scroll is stopped with ScrollMagic and GSAP plugin

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Hi !

It's possible to achieve the scroll effect in this page (this page use scrollmagic and greensock.)


The elements continue their animation after scroll is stopped.

I dont know if I could achieve this with greensock tween settings or the scrollmagic one



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Hi @hisco,


Here's a little playing around - because I like coffee and enjoying the slowness ...


See the Pen vpVqXJ by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Enjoy slow food animation ...




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Thanks so much!

That is what I want to achieve.

I think the code is a bit messy, I really like the simplicity code of the ScrollMagic + GSAP:

Here a codepen I start to playing... Thanks again!


See the Pen eyPbPy by hisco (@hisco) on CodePen


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