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Animation Circle yoyo

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Hi, I'm a beginner with tweenmax and I was playing with basic animations. Instead of doing the animation with "animate" I wanted to try to animate a circle with the yoyo effect, but the animation is not central. Thanks in advance for advice.

See the Pen YYVERo by kaos-alessio (@kaos-alessio) on CodePen

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Hi alessio,


Just use transformOrigin. :)


TweenMax.fromTo('.test', 0.6, {scale: 1}, {scale: 1.1, repeat: -1, repeatDelay:0, yoyo: true, transformOrigin: 'center center'});


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Hi @alessio :)


Welcome to the forum.


You just need to add transformOrigin to your tween so the element scales from the middle like this:


TweenMax.fromTo('.test', 0.6, {scale: 1}, {scale: 1.1, transformOrigin:"center center", repeat: -1, yoyo: true});


More info here:



Hopefully that helps. Happy tweening and welcome aboard.

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@JPF @PointC Thanks for the timely answers. I will reread the docs to understand better.

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