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ES6 import TweenLite not working?

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First of all thank you for your work on gsap (and forums), which is a library that I like to use :)

I've always used TweenMax so I didn't have any problem with ES6 import before, but right now I'm struggling to use TweenLite through ES6 import.


What I do is:

import TweenLite from 'gsap/TweenLite'


TweenLite is loaded in my bundle, no error is thrown, but this line does not work at all (no animation).

TweenLite.from(this.$refs.animate, 0.2, { opacity: 0 })


If I do import only gsap (and not gsap/TweenLite), the animation does trigger properly, but because gsap refers to TweenMax, TweenLite in this example is in fact TweenMax which loads a bunch of things I don't need for simple animations:

import { TweenLite } from 'gsap' // or import TweenMax from 'gsap/TweenMax'

So what I am seeing here is that the animation works with TweenMax, but not TweenLite, when importing through ES6.

Am I doing something wrong here when I import TweenLite?


I have searched the web but found only this thread where Jack says that import TweenLite from 'gsap/TweenLite' should be working: 


(Using version 1.20.3)

Thank you for reading!

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


My guess is that you aren't loading CSSPlugin which is necessary to animate css properties of DOM elements.

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Yes! That was a simple as that.

Sorry for my mistake. I thought that I could tween CSS properties with TweenLite alone as I am used to use TweenMax. I should have payed more attention. 


import TweenLite from 'gsap/TweenLite'
import 'gsap/CSSPlugin'


Thank you for the help! :)

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No worries. Glad it was that simple.

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