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SplitText dropping indents/formatting

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I'm needing to display formatted code with SplitText. Currently it strips out all my spaces. I've tried things like adding a bunch of " " but those get removed as well. I tried the pre tag but no luck either. How do I make it honor spaces/formatting like the docs say it's supposed to? (Note: I also have to add br tags any time I want line breaks, assuming its the same problem)

See the Pen VyaGRO by geddski (@geddski) on CodePen

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Hi @geddski  :)


At first, for the Club GreenSock bonus plugins on Codepen; you can find the codepen safe versions here: 

See the Pen OPqpRJ by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen



And about your issue; pls try to wrap your spacing entities with a span tag. <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;.....</span> 


Splittext completely respects to <br> tags.


btw, you can use "&emsp;" instead of "&nbsp;"

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Ahh the span wrapper worked, thank you! I updated the pen with the safe version, will keep it around for anyone else who runs into this. Thanks again!

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