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Yahoo SafeFrame

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Has anyone had any experience with ads running on the Yahoo homepage. I am going back and forth with yahoo's ad team trying to trouble shoot this issue of ads not loading on their Homepage. This is an issue specifically with Firefox and ads not displaying and possible an issue with TweenLite/Max. After doing so looking into the inspector of Firefox I get an error similar to this, and any time you get an HTML ad that uses greensock you get errors just like this in the inspector window.




I am not really sure how to trouble shoot any of this any further so I am posting this here to see if anyone has had similar issues with Yahoo or any other site that uses Safeframes to display ads.

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Hm, never heard of any such thing. Pretty tough to troubleshoot blind, but if you can provide a reduced test case that's throwing that error, and use the uncompressed version of TweenMax (not minified), shoot us a link and we'd be happy to take a peek. 


Almost sounds like you're trying to animate a null/undefined object or something. Just a guess. Are you animating SVG? Perhaps you've set display:none on something that's animated? Firefox is picky about that. 

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really I am not sure if it is trying to animate a null object or not. When I run my ad tag through http://safeframes.net/examples/creative_test.html and look at the error in the console it is pointing to a line of code that is changing the X or Y position of a div. I could try setting up the build with uncompressed tweenmax but that will flag file size limitations.

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I had this error before and it was a wrong element id in string format without #. Got this too once when I dinamically created the IDs with a runaway for loop. I am pretty sure it is not GSAP bug.

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