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Draggable onClick mostly not passing pointer position on Android stock browser

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I'm running into a problem where the event data is not passed into the parameter of the draggables onClick. In iOS I'm at least getting pageX as expected, but on Android stock browser (called com.android.browser (, the behaviour is weird. Sometimes both values are 0 and screenX, screenY are undefined, sometimes the event is fired twice and the second time all values are correct. If you add 

if (e.pageX === 0 && e.pageY === 0) return;

to the beginning of the onClick handler, you will see that once every couple taps, the alert will come up and the values will be there.


See the Pen bYZWqj by anon (@anon) on CodePen

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Hm, I haven't heard of any such problems. I'll need some time to dig into this further, but it's definitely very tricky to accommodate all of the different browser behaviors related to click events in a draggable environment. Nightmarish, actually :) But give me some time and I'll try to figure this out on my android device. Have you tried setting allowNativeTouchScrolling:false? 

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I can imagine that, yeah. Just tried with allowNativeTouchScrolling:false, exactly the same behaviour.

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I just figured out that reading the values out of e.changedTouches works. I did expect GSAP to normalize this though, but maybe I was wrong, is this out of scope or just a bug?

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Look at pointerX and pointerY in the docs. That should give you the correct values.


function onClick() {
  var x = this.pointerX;
  var y = this.pointerY;


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Yeah, GSAP can't really edit the values of an event object (I'm pretty sure that'd be a security violation in the browser). So Blake is correct - if you want the pointer's position, just use the Draggable's pointerX and pointerY properties. 


The reason you're seeing undefined values for clientX, clientY, screenX, screenY, etc. is because on Android touch devices, the event is a TouchEvent which doesn't have those properties - you need to look in the "changedTouches" array. Like:

onClick: function(e) {
  if (e.changedTouches) {
    e = e.changedTouches[0]; //assumes just one touch, though - be careful. 


That has nothing to do with Draggable or GSAP - it's the fun way that various browsers deal with this wonderful world of touch, pointer, and mouse events. Microsoft browsers, for example, handle it differently too - a PointerEvent. 


This might be helpful: https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/design-and-ux/input/touch/

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