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Perspective animation with mouse on text

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Hi all,


I try to have a perspective effect on my title "Master Roaster", I separate all the letter (all of them are in a different <span>), but my animation doesn't work on that, it's work on my head-text ("01. Redesign").


I can't find the problem...


Anyone could help me ? 


Thanks a lot :-D

See the Pen rYZrYg by alancoppin (@alancoppin) on CodePen

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I think the problem is that your values are just too small to see any visual difference. Try changing the multiplier, like:

rotationY: 5 * xPos

rotationY: 100 * xPos


Is that what you're looking for? 

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Oh **** I'm tired today ^^

I try 50 but not 100 ahah

Thanks :-) 

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