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How to create simple carousel using GSAP - Video Tutorial

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For last few days I wanted to start making few video tutorials, I got this idea when I was responding to a thread where somebody wanted to recreate simple carousel effect. This is my first tutorial ever, I plan to make more tutorials mostly based on questions that I answer here. If you feel like you can learn from me, feel free to request any tutorials. I will try to do it depending on the topic and if I can solve it myself.


Most of my tutorials will be for those who are just getting started with GSAP. Following is the very first tutorial I made today.



See the Pen ZarpJm by Sahil89 (@Sahil89) on CodePen

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Hey Sahil,


Great job!

So glad to see you exploring the world of video tutorials!

I'm excited to see your youtube channel grow over time. I think you will find a lot of fulfillment in helping others all over the world.

There are lots of people out there that can learn a lot from you.


Good job on explaining the carousel. My suggestion for now would be to invest a little in a microphone or don't compress the audio so much. There are some cheap USB mics out there that would do the job fine.


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Thanks Carl. That's a lot to hear from you. Actually I had planned to make a tutorial while I was answering that question, 2-3 weeks ago but never actually did it. Just few days ago I came across snorkl.tv, I read your last post so it was that little push I needed. BTW what does snorkl mean? :D


Well I was going to PM you as well. Problem is my surrounding is too noisy, like for more than an hour two cats kept making noises. :D So I will have to do some experiments with audio, right now I am using OBS studio to record(ya I am compressing a lot). So if you can suggest anything better than OBS that will be great as I don't want to spend too much time editing videos either.


I am trying to record for longer duration rather in parts, as right now my goal is just to be able to speak as I am not really good at it in general and I have huge stage fear.


Again thanks for encouraging, it means a lot coming from you.

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I love that you're helping people with common problems posted in these forums, Sahil! The videos are a great idea. Looking forward to more. 

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Hey Sahil,


Happy to hear that snorkl.tv, in its old and crusty state gave you a little inspiration ;)


When I created the blog my aim was to get things out and not spend forever worrying over every little thing. It looked a bit different in its prime (a wordpress update broke the theme I was using, so its very un-branded now). I probably had a dozen or so names and it just came down to choosing something a bit weird sounding and not terribly serious. It loosely plays off the idea of snorkeling and exploring things below the surface. 


I have to laugh about the background noise. Every time I want to record a neighbor will decide to get their roof redone (happened twice), mow their lawn or use power tools. I've had woodpeckers be a problem and I have a few crickets that have become quite famous in one of our more popular videos. 


I haven't used OBS but I'm all for getting things done with what you have.  I'm on a Mac and use ScreenFlow which is relatively cheap compared to windows options (around 100 bucks) and does more than enough for tutorials. 


I can also appreciate not wanting to edit a bunch as it can eat up a lot of time. I spend a lot of time in editing getting rid of the "uhs", "ums", dead space of me thinking about what the heck to say next, and countless typos that occur when trying to speak and type at the same time ;). When it comes down to it, each minute of recorded video can take hours to get right. The first  10-15 seconds of my intros are usually recorded at least a dozen times before they even sound like a human talking. 


Chris Coyier has been a big inspiration as he always sounds so laid back in his screencasts and they are paced very well: https://css-tricks.com/video-screencasts/130-first-moments-grunt/?play=true and of course @Ihatetomatoes too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7O6CntQoAI-wYyJxYiqNUg


I think the key is just be you. Don't take yourself too seriously and you'll do fine. You'll get over the stage fright pretty quickly. Everyone goes through that. 

Focus on just getting a few videos made and don't worry about perfecting everything. 






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hi, @Sahil can't wait to see more from you. awesome initiative and any support from me. :) keep up with your good work. and thanks

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