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Firefox's new browser Quantum (v57) was released today!

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Hello Fellow GreenSockers ;)


Today Firefox's new update (v57) and browser Quantum was released. So if you update Firefox today you will notice it is 2X faster, uses 30% less memory than Chrome, and looks very different.


Just letting you know in case you need to check any previous animations to make sure it is still animating and rendering the same.




Happy Tweening! :)

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Coincidentally I came across this page today. In both Firefox and Firefox developer edition, FPS drops below 5 while using GSAP, in chrome it touches 60 FPS. Is it old test page or something has changed with Quantum? Or 2x speed of Firefox still not enough compared to Chrome?

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Hello @Sahil


The 2x faster is Firefox stating that the new Quantum is 2X faster than previous Firefox version(s). The part that Firefox compares to Chrome is that it uses 30% less memory and resources than Chrome :)


@GreenSock's Jack and @Carl will have to inspect that GSAP Speed Test page on why the FPS is only 4fps ;)

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Yeah that FPS thing we are seeing could be a Firefox 57 bug. Ive been testing this new version and it is bug city when using their dev tools and other things that used to work fine, now work very wonky, or not at all.

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Yeah, the new Firefox is a bit of an odd beast performance-wise. It looks like certain things are optimized and others are totally NOT. Like when animating top/left/width/height, it's horribly slow compared to Chrome. But transforms are much better. Another oddity is that for some things, WAAPI significantly outperforms CSS transitions even though they're supposed to use the same mechanisms under the hood. 


I already talked to the Firefox folks a couple of weeks ago about the really bad top/left/width/height animation and they said they think it's a Firefox bug. And it's affects all other JS libraries too, of course - it's not a GSAP thing. Hopefully they'll fix things soon. 

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