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Timer with GSAP

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I am wondering if anyone knows how to create GSAP code so that I can send Animate CC to a specific frame only at a specific date (Month, Day and Year) and time ?


I wanted to do this in Animate CC, and use GSAP so that I can send the timeline to a specific frame when we reach a certain date and time only... otherwise it would just play the regular timeline.

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In case anyone is interested I accomplished it pretty easily. See this codePen, and change the date to see it work... 


I am wondering if anyone has experience with this running anything like this in a banner ad ?

I am hoping there is not a reason that this wouldn't fire appropriately (inside of a banner ad)... or if there was a fail-safe to make certain that the script runs ?


See the Pen jaBrpP by celli (@celli) on CodePen





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I do them often, never had any issues. Typically a tune in time for shows or movies (i.e. "Starts tonight", "Starts tomorrow", starts on this date, etc. The only issue I really see with yours is getMonth starts at zero, not 1. So d.getMonth()+1 == 11, would be December, not November.

Your fallback could be a something similar to what you have now but perhaps use a switch statement with a default case.

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Thanks Davi ! It's strange though because the getMonth with +1 seems to work for the 11th month (November), which is this month. If you switch the day, you'll see it working-- Am I missing something ? I want to make sure, because this will run during the 12th month actually :) even though my test is in the 11th month (November)

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You're totally right! That was throwing me off for a sec. Happy hour at the desk not makin me think straight. Happy Friday!

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