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ScrollTo Plugin issues with ios update

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My site was experiencing issues using the scrollTo plugin with the window element on ios devices after i installed the latest update 11.1 (iphone 6s plus). 

In order to determine if it was conflicting with anything else, I instead looked for previous codepens. And confirmed that the one linked is also not working on ios devices but does on desktop and android.

Is this a known bug again? or any workarounds for this in the meantime?

See the Pen AsLfc by jonathan (@jonathan) on CodePen

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  • tallwhitey changed the title to ScrollTo Plugin issues with ios update

Sorry to hear there is a problem. 

We are looking into it. 

Give us a little time please. 


Thank you. 

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I've spent hours researching this and every indication is that it's a bug in iOS Safari that only applies to iframes. Here's proof: 


See the Pen 86a1f817494156281052c7744e8e218c by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

Notice that if you view that in an iframe on iOS, it doesn't work. It's supposed to scroll to 400px from the top after 1 second. There is no GSAP involvement whatsoever. It's pure JS. 


Thus far, I can't figure out any workarounds to force iOS Safari to work. I have submitted a bug report to Apple, so hopefully they'll get it resolved. Sorry for the bad news. 


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