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license question, use GSAP for animation software

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Dear support,


I am new to GSAP and I consider to become member of business Green, because I am amazed by GSAP's potentional for animation. 


I am especially interested in the SVGMorph plugin. Ideally I would want to try this: (If it's allowed with the license)

Is it allowed with the business Green license to create software plugins from the GSAP library  ?


1. Am I allowed to use the (unaltered) GSAP library and the (unaltered) SVGMorph script to create a small custom app that outputs svg data.

2. Use this output svg data from the custom app to drive vector animation tweening in an animation software.


We only intend to use this internally in our animation studio as a tool for the production of rendered animation. We don't intend to sell or publish this custom app. We simply love some of the tweening features of GSAP and would like to add them to our tools, but we don't animate for web/SVG.


Is this possible with the business Green license or am I infringing on the copyright?


Thanks in advance,



Jeroen Koffeman



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I have exactly same question, but my app that generates animations will be available worldwide on App Store. Is "Business Green" license is enough to do this? Will end users of my app have restrictions in using results of the app?





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Yep, the proper "Business Green" license should cover your unedited work, absolutely. And it's fine for your customers to play the resulting animations (they wouldn't have to pay some extra fee or anything). If they want to make further edits (outside your tool) and charge for their own creations, they'd need to get their own license. Make sense? 


Thanks for asking! 

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Thank you for clarification! 


I'm glad that I will be able to use GSAP for my app.

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