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Cyclic Animation

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I want to make cyclic animation I use TweenMax.staggerFromTo. For this purpose I want to restart function with animation. How to me to make it?

onCompleteAll does not work. It is started constantly during animation, but not at the end.


Forgive for my English.

See the Pen QqrQeq by Andreslav (@Andreslav) on CodePen

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onCompleteAll is different than onComplete callback. Following is syntax for it.



TweenMax.staggerFromTo( targets:Array, duration:Number, fromVars:Object, toVars:Object, stagger:Number, onCompleteAll:Function, onCompleteAllParams:Array, onCompleteAllScope:* ) : Array


[static] Tweens an array of targets from a common set of destination values to a common set of destination values, but staggers their start times by a specified amount of time, creating an evenly-spaced sequence with a surprisingly small amount of code.



See the Pen gGBNRy?editors=0010 by Sahil89 (@Sahil89) on CodePen


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