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Good idea for practice

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Hey guys, i am practicing gsap for a while now and i want a challenge but dont have the cerativity yet.

Mostly i make banners for google adwords and have seen some awesome examples, wich i think are a little bit to complicated for me to create yet.

What would you recommend a beginner to make something awesome and not so complicated?


Thanks guys

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It's kind of tought to offer a challenge without really knowing your skill level. If you typically make banners that just play through I would suggest exploring some interactivity, like make some buttons that navigate to different sections of an animation when clicked. 

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Already have done that, would like to do some more "advanced" animations with interactivity. 

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What works for me is to hound forums and look at what issues people are having and try to answer them.


You don't have to post an answer or it doesn't even matter if it has been answered by someone else if all you want is a challenge. Just look at the problem, try and solve it. If someone else answers it, you can always check their reply and compare your approach with theirs.


I recently replied to a question here that really fits the bill - It made me feel really proud of the solution I came up with and felt I learnt something as well. It also spawned another idea I would like to try in the future (maybe will never see the light of the day given my current ideas-wish-list but, hey, it's there).



Another thing I would recommend is to read the docs. Do it a dozen times. I didn't get any of it to begin with but the more you read, the more it makes sense. A lot of the cool things a lot of people do is nothing more than an exploration of some basic functionality in a novel way.

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@Dipscom Thanks! :) Will try to do that. Yeah i see some really creative idea's and im like wow i wouldnt have thought of that myself. 
So now i kinda know the basic stuff, i want to do some more advanced things. I always wonder how people do some things its incredible. 


This is a good tip and will look intro it :D

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