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staggerFrom same Point

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Is it possible to staggerFrom the same point on a relative positioned div?


The Circles all start from 200px from their individual positions, whereas I'd prefer them to start at left:200px in absolute coordinates.



See the Pen RLVxEy by friendlygiraffe (@friendlygiraffe) on CodePen

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Hi @friendlygiraffe :)


If I understand your question, you want all the circles sitting on top of each other at left:200px and then stagger from that point? If that's what you need, you could use cycle for that. 


See the Pen JrNmza by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen

Is that what you meant?


Happy tweening.


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Thanks a lot. @PointC That works, but the circles need to be set as relative, not absolute


Is there a way of setting a relative div to an absolute position ?



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