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Hari t

getting error when trying to add Scrollmagic using require js

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In our magento project, we need to add scroll magic animations. we used the following code to include libraries:




var config = {

    paths: {
        "TweenMax" :            "js/TweenMax.min",
        "scrollMagic" :            "js/ScrollMagic",

        "animation.gsap" :            "js/plugins/animation.gsap"

    deps: [


    "shim": {
        /*"wc_owlCorousel" : {
            "deps" : ['jquery']

         "TweenMax" :         {

            exports: 'TweenMax',
        "scrollMagic" :         {
            exports: 'scrollMagic',
        "animation.gsap" :         {
            exports: 'animation.gsap',



And in library files placed in the respective folders.

Then, we added this code in our html page:


requirejs(['jquery','scrollMagic'], function ($,ScrollMagic) {


But when running we get this error:

 (ScrollMagic.Scene) -> ERROR calling setTween() due to missing Plugin 'animation.gsap'. Please make sure to include plugins/animation.gsap.js.


We tried some alternatives such as :


requirejs(['jquery','scrollMagic', 'TweenMax'], function ($,ScrollMagic, TweenMax) {


But nothing is woked. Please let me know how to include scroll magic and  green sock in magento (or in require js)


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