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Targeting nested classes in 'this', using GSAP

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As you will see from my codepen, I have multiple elements, which I want to apply a Greensock tween (actually eventually it will be a timeline) when the 'onmouseover' event is triggered.


It is all working well, but it applies the Tweening to all elements, - i only want it to happen to the specific one i'm hovering over.

I don't want to use different id's etc, because I will ultimately have multiple elements.

The mouseover is targeting all the classes it finds a match to, not just the nested one in 'this' svg.....


Essentially I want my tween to look like this, - I believe the logic to be correct but the syntax is not. (Bold is the part that is the problem):

    TweenMax.to( this > + '.logoCircle', 0.75, {alpha:0, delay:0})

Thanks in advance for your help.




See the Pen OxVwZp by JonnyPS (@JonnyPS) on CodePen

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Thanks for the demo. jQuery's find() is one way


TweenMax.to($(this).find('.logoCircle'), 0.75, {alpha:0, delay:0})


See the Pen PJqdOe?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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Thanks Carl.


I'm using vanilla Javascript but 'this.querySelectorAll('.logoCircle')' worked equally as well :)




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