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How to use PixiPlugin with webpack?

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I'm trying to bring in the PixiPlugin with webpack (create-react-app setup). 

import { TweenMax, PixiPlugin } from "gsap";
console.log(PixiPlugin); // undefined


Tried just using it anyway: 


TweenMax.to(this.ship, 1, {
pixi: { scaleX: 2, scaleY: 1.5, skewX: 30, rotation: 60 }


but it doesn't do anything. The old way does work however:

TweenMax.to(this.ship, 1, { rotation: 60 * Math.PI / 180 });


How do you use PixiPlugin with webpack? It appears to be in the npm package...

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Hey @geddski


You can load all the plugins/utils like this.

import { TweenMax } from "gsap";
import PixiPlugin from "gsap/PixiPlugin";


Unless you're using TypeScript, in which case it will be like this until GSAP switches over to ES6 modules.

import { TweenMax } from "gsap";
import * as PixiPlugin from "gsap/PixiPlugin";


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