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BezierPlugin + ShortRotationPlugin used together?

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I'm trying to set my bezier parameter to an object that looks like this:


object.shortRotation = {rotationX: myX, rotationY: myY, rotationZ: myZ};


And the result is:


ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property shortRotation not found on away3dlite.containers.ObjectContainer3D and there is no default value.

at com.greensock.plugins::BezierPlugin/init()[com/greensock/plugins/BezierPlugin.as:100]

at com.greensock.plugins::BezierPlugin/onInitTween()[com/greensock/plugins/BezierPlugin.as:81]


Is there another way to use these two plugins together?


Thanks in advance,



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Yes, OverwriteManager should work fine with bezier and bezierThough. But no, you cannot combine shortRotation with bezier like that. You could, however, set up successive shortRotation tweens in a TimelineLite, pause it, and tween its currentTime property to ease across the whole thing. Not sure if that gives you exactly what you want, but it's an idea I had off the top of my head :)


If you're running into trouble with having OverwriteManager work with bezier, please send me a sample FLA that demonstrates the issue (the simpler the better).

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I found that the BezierPlugin + OverwriteManager issue was my own, doh! You reply too quickly!


I'll try your suggestion for BezierPlugin + ShortRotationPlugin



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