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GSAP tween max Bezier plugin issue

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I am getting a strange problem, i am animating a simple DIV along a Bezier path using scrollmagic. Everything is working fine, however when i reach the end of the animation, The pinned element which it is in, does a big jump. I have troubleshooted for hours and tied it down to the transition of when the animation is running it is using Translate3D property, then when it finishes, it quickly jumps to matrix property. It would appear that this switch in properties causes my page to jump. Is there anyway to stop the matrix property being applied, because the object stays where it is supposed to if i use translate3d to the last coordinates of the animation.

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


It always helps to see a demo, but you might want to try setting false3D: to false on your tween.


TweenMax.to(obj, 1, {bezier:{... }, force3D:false});


See the Pen mBbRKL?editors=1010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen




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you are a superstar! been frustrating me all day and it all came down to a simple property ! faith restored in GSAP, Thank you Carl!

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