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AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

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Hi guys,

my agency is looking to test banner performance using AMP versus H5, and after briefly glancing at https://www.ampproject.org/docs/tutorials/converting/resolving-errors  under "Exclude third-party JavaScript", this sounds as if I won't be able to use the Greensock lib for this type of execution? Would that mean the animations are restricted to using: https://www.ampproject.org/docs/reference/components/amp-animation ? If so that would be very limiting in terms of motion and creativity...

Just wondering about opinions on it...



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I'm not familiar with AMP at all, but from the links you sent it definitely looks limiting/restrictive. Pretty uncomfortable for an animator. I wish I could answer your question but you probably need to ask the AMP folks. Have you tried that? 

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Thanks Jack, I will contact them.

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Hey dada, did you find clarification? Would be nice if you could share your insights. I am facing a similar question. Thanks in advance!

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Hi guys,

Adobe and Google presented the AMP plug-in for AnimateCC at the Tokyo AMP conference recently:  https://youtu.be/3j540p3GxvE?t=3605

for which I provided some animated banner ad examples using the plug-in that you can download with the beta release version. Adobe is working hard on getting it released publicly soon.  When using Animate CC all the timeline animations will just be converted to CSS animations as AMP doesn't allow for any JS and has several more restrictions. More about AMP here


The reason I have posted here is that as a beta tester I am trying hard to push for the Greensock library to be included as an amp component, as I would think lots of peeps would appreciate the added flexibility and the already established workflow.


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