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Cannot set property 'ScrollMagic' of undefined

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I have 2 CodePen Examples containing a simple tween and scroll.  The

See the Pen GvbNRr by gilesht (@gilesht) on CodePen

 works fine. The 

See the Pen PKrBeL by gilesht (@gilesht) on CodePen

 is really similar (the tween is slightly extended), but for some reason the console returns Cannot set property 'ScrollMagic' of undefined.  I've been over this a hundred times and can't see where I'm going wrong ... can you help

See the Pen by (@) on CodePen

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HI @gilesht:)


This script seems to be causing a problem. If you remove it, everything should work fine for you.



Happy tweening.




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Brilliant - Thanks Craig (lightening fast replay - wow!)

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