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Get Duration Draggable?

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Can you elaborate a bit? Do you want to know the duration of the ThrowProps tween when the Draggable is flicked/released? Do you want to get the velocity of the x or y value? A directional vector that combines them? Can you give a brief summary of your goal and why you're asking the question? We'd love to help. 

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I want to get the rotation speed of the item for display
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I use draggable simple code


// spin it
Draggable.create(spinner, {
    type: "rotation", 
    throwProps: true,
    minDuration: 5,
    maxDuration: 30,
    throwResistance: 100,
    overshootTolerance: 1

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I tried so but it does not work out 0



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I'm a little confused, because you mentioned "duration" several times, but you also mention "speed" which typically means velocity. So here's an answer for both: 


Draggable.create("#knob", {
  type: "rotation",
  throwProps: true,
  onDragEnd: function() {
    console.log("rotational velocity: ", ThrowPropsPlugin.getVelocity(this.target, "rotation"), "degrees per second");
    console.log("rotational tween duration: ", this.tween.duration());


See the Pen 4de37a6a70afd954a8549bebc1790e18 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Does that help?

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Yes, I did not confuse much until after the creation of the topic I realized!
 What exactly it was necessary to write speed!
 Thank you very much helped!

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