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Why no "onReverseStart"?

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We have onReverseComplete, but not start.

I could use it right now :) 


1) Is there a reason to exclude it, that I not see?

2) How would you solve the need of onReverseStart? onRepeat isn't doing it for me– I'm not repeating.





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I think you will find this thread helpful.



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Bummer. Spammed again– I searched specifically for "onReverseStart" :D – I need some googling lessons.


To topic:

The thing is: I am not yoyoing– I tween the progress of another tween (sunToMoon) via fromTo. The function calculates wether I need to go from 1 to 0 or from 0 to 1; I'd like to keep it that the sunToMoon-tween takes care of the callbacks itself and not the tween that tweens the progress, because sunToMoon gets altered from different places. Having to repeat the callbacks where the alteration takes place– nah!


I don't fully comprehend your explanation on why it's bad for performance and that there is a conecptual naming conflict, but I trust you guys in that and accept it.


Too bad though; "where is a complete, there must be a start", my gut is telling! :D


PS: you talk about timelines there; would onReverseStart be a problem for single tweens, aswell? 

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Do you have a demo of what you're trying to do? I know that it seems odd to not have a onReverseStart as everything else has a matching event, but alas, it doesn't exist. 

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