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Hype and GSAP - trying to animate butterfly

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I am trying to (pls note I am new to both GSAP and HYPE) simulate the butterfly from this code pen. I created the Hype document and added the sprite sheet with the same ID and the GSAP code as used in the example. But when I try to run, it is showing entire sprite sheet but not the single butterfly flapping and flying. Please help.  I have attached the hype document I was trying......Thanks for your time !!

See the Pen DJIse by leelou (@leelou) on CodePen



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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forum,


Sorry, I've never worked with or installed Hype so I can't open those files or do anything with them. 

Haven't heard to much about it but there is a chance someone around here has some idea.

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