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overflowed elements messing up my offset

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Hi, Messing around with some parallax effects and noticed that my overflow-ed elements are throwing off my offset. Can I get offset of an element within the event somehow or a correct offset?






See the Pen 41ca73b1a7f0578bbc6eb229f8881185 by rgfx (@rgfx) on CodePen

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Don't use offsetX/Y for that. It's kind of like .position() in jQuery, and will include padding. That's where you get 30 extra pixels from. It also doesn't take any transforms into account. So if your box was scaled, it would still report the offset as if your box wasn't scaled, throwing all your coordinates off.


To get the mouse position relative to your box, use clientX/Y and subtract the box's boundingClientRect from it.



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@OSUblake Thank pal,


I was messing around with slight rotations as well things were not going very well clientX/Y feels like butter.

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