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Wait for timeline to finish before running new animation (on click)

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Hi all,


I've made a very rudimentary slider to scroll through images.


It all works as expected, apart from one slight bug:

If the user clicks through the images too quickly, the animation stops and immediately runs the function again.


From what I can tell, the solution to this is to either remove the click event while the timeline is running (is this possible?), or to wait until the timeline has finished before running the next animation.

If I were to wait for the timeline to finish before running the next clicked animation, would I run in to timeline stacking problems?


I've attached the codepen below for reference.


See the Pen EvXMVy by carljohnston-uk (@carljohnston-uk) on CodePen

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Hi @carljohnston.uk,


here are two interesting examples which could give some suggestions.


An Image slider with a cool code using the ModifiersPlugin coded by @OSUblake:


See the Pen LjLvLM by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Another slider  -  concept of @Rodrigo  -  which provides perfect explanations especially the point "slideAnimating".


See the Pen vdcoA by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


Hope this can be helbful ...


Kind regards


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Since your timelines are not paused by default, they will play regardless of the context.
I suggest the following:

Create a 'global' object of the currently playing timeline.
On every press, get the timeline of the desired animation (with no autoplay), if the previous animation finished, play the timeline, if not, just wait.

This is the semi-edited codepen ( I just edited the forward logic)

var currentSlide = 0;
var allImages = document.getElementsByClassName('galleryImage');
var totalImages = allImages.length;

// nextImage
function nextImage() {
	var slideTl = new TimelineMax({repeat:0, ease:Power1.easeOut,paused:true});

	currentSlide++; // Maybe move this to the tl onComplete function.
	if (currentSlide >= totalImages) {
		currentSlide = 0;
		slideTl.set(allImages[totalImages - 1], {zIndex:0});
		slideTl.set(allImages[currentSlide], {zIndex:1});
		slideTl.to(allImages[currentSlide], 0.5, {autoAlpha:1});
		slideTl.set(allImages[totalImages - 1], {autoAlpha:0});
	else {
    slideTl.set(allImages[currentSlide - 1], {zIndex:0});
    slideTl.set(allImages[currentSlide], {zIndex:1});
    slideTl.to(allImages[currentSlide], 0.5, {autoAlpha:1});
    slideTl.set(allImages[currentSlide - 1], {autoAlpha:0});
  return slideTl;

// prevImage
function prevImage() {
	var slideTl = new TimelineMax({repeat:0, ease:Power1.easeOut,paused:true});
	if (currentSlide == 0) {
		slideTl.set(allImages[currentSlide], {zIndex:0});
		slideTl.set(allImages[totalImages - 1], {zIndex:1});
		slideTl.to(allImages[totalImages - 1], 0.5, {autoAlpha:1});
		slideTl.set(allImages[currentSlide], {autoAlpha:0});
		currentSlide = totalImages;
	else {
		slideTl.set(allImages[currentSlide], {zIndex:0});
		slideTl.set(allImages[currentSlide - 1], {zIndex:1});
		slideTl.to(allImages[currentSlide - 1], 0.5, {autoAlpha:1});
		slideTl.set(allImages[currentSlide], {autoAlpha:0});

  return slideTl

// Gallery event listeners
let prevTimeline = new TimelineMax();

document.getElementById('next').addEventListener('click', ()=>{
  if (prevTimeline.isActive()){
    console.log('do overlap logic');
    let tlToPlay = nextImage();
    prevTimeline = tlToPlay;
}, false);
document.getElementById('prev').addEventListener('click', prevImage, false);


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Hi @mikel and @greenanimation,


Thank you both for the recommendations.

I'll be looking further in to the solutions this weekend, and let you know how I get on.


Thanks again!

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