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Sizmek Ad Size Calculation

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The time has came again to pour clean water into the glass.

I have started to precisely unravel the mistery of Sizmek as size calculation method.

I was unsuccessful.

What is know at the moment from my experiments is they are definitely zipping and counting the backup image into the ad's size.

But I still don't understand how they compress. I am using 7Zip with the default compression settings and my .zips are bigger than their calculated value. For instance: in case of an 213k .zip, they see 193k from it, which is a 20k difference. I have tried to delete the assest from the zip one at a time, to see what is causing this difference, but i haven't found any file which is adding 20k to the .zip. I don't think they have the ultimate comressor which is better than 7z or the default Windows zipper, this leads to the suspicion: they are excluding something.


Could anyone can help me to assemble the right calculation formula?

It gets even weirder when I am inlining all the assets into the .html. My .htm file is 217k, backup.jpg is 24k  which gives a 171k .zip. Their calculator is displaying ONLY 88k. ( Don't tell anyone but this way we can make huge ads in outstanding quality )


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Perhaps they're getting file size via GZip. Also, (i think) there's a difference in file systems between Mac and PC whereas one uses 1024 versus 1000 bytes per kb, which could also be causing the bump.

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Thanks Davi for answering! But seems like 7zip is compressing better than  Gzip, which is allegedly a single file comressor. I am working on Win7 machine, so if here is 1024 and there is 1000, I must have a smaller value.




I thought, I would ask them, but last time when I asked them why my JSZipped packages not working on Sizmek, they fended off the problem.


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The way the Sizmek calculates sizes is definitely out there. Your zip that you upload is different from their "Workspace". They don't count everything in your zip. As I understand from their guidelines, after you upload your zip to the "Workspace", each element is automatically compressed on it's own and then recalulated. (Only the largest video is counted if more than one video. See second link for other "exceptions".) Odd and overly complicated, I know. One of the several reasons I steer clients away from Sizmek. Every time I work with them, they dodge questions or simply won't answer and arguments all the way. Emphasis added is mine.


"The size of an HTML5 ad is the total size of all assets in the ad’s Workspace, at the compressed size. This includes images, the largest video, fonts, JavaScript files, HTML files and any other files. We do not count additional assets for dynamic creative or videos. Compression is automatically applied which reduces the size of each asset type to the compressed size. "

~under Rules and Guidelines https://support.sizmek.com/hc/en-us/articles/200722459--overview-HTML5-Workspaces


"Ads that contain additional assets are calculated exactly as ads with Workspaces only; however, there is one exception. If the ad has an additional asset that is larger than the largest video in the Workspace, that asset is included in the calculation instead of the largest video.

The following table describes how ad size is calculated according to the different ad types..."



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