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Thanks GreenSock!

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Hello GreenSock!

I haven't posted on the forum before but I've used it a lot recently and wanted to say thanks to the community!
I've decided to try greensock for svg animations while working on my graduation project. And even though I've never worked with any sort of animation library before I'm very pleasantly surprised by how intuitive and seamless greensock works.
Just something about working with js components for svg objects that lends itself very naturally to using gsap to animate these objects - it just clicks.. Aside from simple enter animations, having the ability to predefine entire timelines of atomic movements and then stack them to get more complex behaviour is pretty astonishing. And then the cross browser consistency, woah dude!
I really really enjoyed working on this and I'm already thinking of the next project I'm going to work on with GSAP
Thank you all for making this library what it is! :)
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Thanks so much for the nice note. We love to see lurkers come out of the shadows and share their pleasant experiences. Very happy to hear that you found the tools intuitive and that they handled the cross-browser issues that can suck hours of your life away;)


Happy Tweening!

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If anybody is interested, I've isolated the animations and posted them on codepen: 

See the Pen ZJbZeX by g1eb (@g1eb) on CodePen

Most intricate part was getting the robot movements right - this is where I used a lot of stacked timelines of various smaller movements.
My graduation project is a user study into affective computing, chatbots and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.
A short game where you get to teach a rather naive robot chef how to cook)
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Great job, G1eb. Thanks for sharing!

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