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License for personal site

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Hi All,


I'm wanting to use drawSVG and Throwprops plugin on my personal site, there are no chargeable sections, it's just a portfolio site.


I want to know what happens after a year, do these plugins disable?


I don't mind paying the $99 once, but I can't justify an ongoing cost forever for 2 effects.


Can someone please clarify what happens after the year?



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Thanks for the question,


The tools you get with your membership today will never be disabled. There are no scripts inside that phone home or do anything to check your membership status. After your membership expires you can use them in the exact same way you use them today. After the membership expires you will just no longer have access to download the "members only" tools from our site and get the latest versions with any updates, bug-fixes, and new features. 


Let us know if you have any more questions. Happy to help.



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Be careful joining Club GreenSock. You'll start playing with all the cool bonus plugins and pretty soon you'll be hooked on all of them. You'll probably start hanging out on the forum more and more and pretty soon - before you even realize it -  you'll have posted over 1,000 times. GSAP can be quite addictive.  :D


Happy tweening.


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Tell me about it


I've been playing with this for 2 solid weeks, i've barely scratched the surface of what it can do but im making a little progress.


A massive thank you as well to the forum answers, quick, accurate and helpful, it's worth the money alone just for that.


I'll get sorted now with a license, too good not too.



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The only thing I'd add to Carl's answer is that if you're using GreenSock tools in a way that'd require the special commercial license (which comes with "Business Green" memberships), when that membership expires you shouldn't continue using GreenSock tools in that project because the license would no longer be active.


I know you said you're not using it in a way that'd require that special commercial license, so you're totally fine - I just wanted to clarify for others who might read this. 


I'm very happy to hear that you're enjoying the tools so much! Perhaps you'll follow in Craig's ( @PointC ) footsteps and become a forums rock star. That'd be awesome. We can never have too many Craigs around here (or Blakes, Jonathans, Pedros, Rodrigos, Carls, etc.) :)


Happy tweening!

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