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Transform origin not working as expected on SVG polygon elements

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I need to scale a polygon so that its "width" goes to zero.

In the codepen its the pink element.

It seems like the scale animation makes it rotates.

I've included a blue rect who works perfectly.

Is it normal behavior or did i miss something ?

See the Pen przyEg by anon (@anon) on CodePen

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First of all, welcome to the forums, @the_bowwer


It looks like things are working exactly as expected, yes. You've got a polygon with diagonal lines, thus when you squish them vertically, they'd flatten out (thus giving the illusion of rotating). Imagine smashing the letter "Z" - the center diagonal line would seem like it rotates to be horizontal even though it's merely being scaled on the y-axis. 


I'm not quite sure what effect you're after, but perhaps it'd be wise to build your polygon in its "flat" state (those diagonal lines would be horizontal), then rotate it so that when you animate its scaleY or scaleX, it's squishing along the axis you're expecting (which, in this case, sounds like you want to be diagonal). 

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