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Animated list of items, only show 1 item at a time

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Hi All,


I'm looking to stagger the display of a list of items, I only want 1 item to show at once.


I have knocked up an example using jQuery but can't figure out how to utilise GSAP for the same action.


Ultimately, I want to control the fade and scale of each item as they appear and disappear.


Any help appreciated

See the Pen eRqqJq?editors=1111 by sygad1 (@sygad1) on CodePen

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thanks for the demo.


I'm not a big fan of switching the display property so many times as it forces the browser to do another layout.

I prefer toggling the visibility which is what our autoAlpha property does.


I changed your css for the li to


li {


and the GSAP code could be something like:


var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1});
tl.staggerTo("li", 0.5, {autoAlpha:1, repeat:1, yoyo:true}, 1);




See the Pen vJBEJe?editors=0110 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


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Thank you for the speedy and working demo


I'll be honest, I wouldn't have thought of doing the CSS like that and I didn't know you could have staggerTo on a timeline.


GSAP is almost too good and too massive ;-)

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Is there some reason why it won't initialise the callback function when all animations are complete?


I've updated my original codepen to reflect this


I noticed if I changed it from a TimelineMax back to a TweenMax, the callback function is called

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Cool. Happy to help.


When using a timeline's staggerTo method there is also a position parameter, so give this a shot:


tl.staggerTo("li", 0.5, {autoAlpha:1, repeat:1, yoyo:true}, 1, 0, finished);




Notice the 0 between the 1 and finished. This means the animation will be inserted into the timeline at a time of 0 seconds.


Just to be clear, a TweenMax.staggerTo() would have worked as well, I chose a timeline as it will give you more options to play(), pause(), reverse() and control the animation.






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Thanks for the explanation, works like a charm now

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