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TweenMax.to works but not TweenMax.staggerTo when pair with .play()?

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var TweenA = TweenMax.staggerTo([dot1, dot2, dot3], 2, {opacity: 1, repeat: -1, paused: true}, 0.2);

var TweenB = TweenMax.to(dot1, 1, {x: 50, repeat: -1, paused: true});


Hi I tried to get my .staggerTo() to store into a variable and control it using .play() but however I can't get it working? But it works for normal .to()


Any reasons?

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Hi @venn :)


The stagger method returns an array of tweens. To see what I mean, please console.log your TweenA variable. If you want to pause/play a stagger like that, I'd recommend putting it on a timeline.


Happy tweening.


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