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Animate position inside a vertically centered div

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Each time I click on the button, I add a new (.box) in the list but I want to smooth the position of the others boxes (see my codepen) and still get the content vertically centered. 


As you can see I used flexbox.


Thanks for the reply.

See the Pen gRvYGe by anon (@anon) on CodePen

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Hello @jords and welcome to the GreenSock forum!


Are you talking about before each box animates in, You want the previous added box to animate up and then fade in the newly added box?


Any additional info on exactly how you want this to animate will be greatly appreciated so we understand what type of effect you are going after.


Thanks! :)

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@Jonathan So, what I want to do is move the old box so they are vertically centered no matter how much boxes there are. Basically I want to do the same thing the pen already does but I want to ease the movment of the div so it's not recalculating the position with flexbox.


I linked a picture so you can understand better.


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I'm not really up to speed on how to override flex-box's auto-repositioning of things while animating with GSAP.

However, @OSUblake was kind enough to provide some detailed information and demos.


Please read:



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