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Good day to all, I have searched through the documents but am not able to easily find my answer so I am hoping this is a quick response for the professionals. Is there an easy way to find out the scale ratio of the image that is imported at run time?

loader = new ImageLoader(theURL+"SEN"+viewNum+".jpeg", {name:"SuperEnhanced_View3", estimatedBytes:3000, container:xrayLoader, x:408, y:384, width:820, height:768, scaleMode:"proportionalInside", centerRegistration:true, alpha:0, onInit:onImageLoad, onError:errorHandlerMain});


Reason: I am trying to place an overlay over the image in the correct location but when the image is scaled, the object needs to be modified accordingly.




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This should help: 


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Carl - superb! You're the man. Thanks for the quick response and reference. Always a pleasure.

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Well since that worked, I have now been spun into another issue that I just can't jump over.


When I attempt to get the scale from the code below, it provides me with the scaleX 1.6 and scaleY 1.6 which is fine and dandy, but once I apply this scale ratio to my drawings they are off.


For example, original file is 486/480 and when it resizes it bumps up to 768/777.6 which, if I use my calculator, provides me with a X scale ratio of 1.580247 and Y scale ratio of 1.62 and not the ratios provided above.


Below is my code:


	//Go and fetch the native width/height of the image.
	var rawContent:DisplayObject = imageGSAP.rawContent;
	var bounds:Rectangle = rawContent.getBounds(rawContent);

	trace(event.target + " for image " + imageCount + " is complete!");
	trace(event.target + " original width is " + bounds.width + " with a height of " + bounds.height);
	trace(event.target + " current width is:" + rawContent.width + " with a height of " + rawContent.height);
	trace(event.target + " current scale is X:" + rawContent.scaleX + " and scale Y:" + rawContent.scaleY);


bounds.width = 486

bounds.height = 480

rawContent.width = 768

rawContent.height = 777.6

rawContent.scaleX = 1.6

rawContent.scaleY = 1.6


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Well, I think i answered my on problem. Was it because I had the incorrect scaleMode set (proportionalInside vs proportionalOutside)??



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