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Dynamic change timeline: add tween at timeline beginning

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Hi there! Thank you one more time for a such great library.


On my codepen when I press "down" button square to starts move down. If you press the "reverse" button during this time, the following behavior is expected. First, the square returns to its initial position, and then starts moving to the right.
So, I need to add a tween at the beginning of the timeline in such a way that to shift the following siblings.

In my codepen I add tween at the beginning of the timeline but it has no influence for next siblings.

See the Pen qjBQvp by kryvonos_v (@kryvonos_v) on CodePen

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Hi, thanks for the demo.

I'm not really understanding what you mean by siblings.


I would not recommend trying to use one timeline in a way that dynamically fluctuates like this. I'm not aware of all the requirements of your project, but to get your demo to work as described you can tween the timeline back to a time of 0 using tweenTo() and then have an onComplete callback create a tween that moves along the x axis like:


See the Pen ZyYEgB?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Along a similar approach to what you took you could add a new tween to the beginning of the timeline and then shift the startTime() of the vertical tween forward but then you would also have to adjust the playhead position too. This approach of adding animations and shifting others unfortunately will become a nightmare if you allow the user to press multiple buttons at whatever rate and sequence they choose. 



I think a better solution than the one I presented is to dynamically create new timelines on each button click, but again without knowing how many buttons or directions the user can choose i hesitate to take this too far.

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