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New with a disappearing SVG element issue

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Hi, This is my first experiment with GSAP and I want to make sure that I am getting my process right. I would like to to animate a simple scene with svg elements created in illustrator and pasted right into the html as per the code pen example. I'm just looking for simple motion tweens and some easing.

In my example the svg graphic disappears after a few frames of the motion tween. 

It looks like it goes outside of a containing element of it's own dimensions or something.

My process is probably flawed..but I'm not sure where.

Would someone steer me in the right direction?



See the Pen KmLXWp by kvnmcwebn (@kvnmcwebn) on CodePen

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oh ok, there is an svg box around the polygon element. I see, I better do some more tutorials...

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Thanks that is way more detailed than what I had been referencing. 

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