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CustomWiggle is not defined

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I have attached Custom Wiggle to my site, and am trying to run the basic example..


//Create a wiggle with 6 oscillations (default type:"easeOut")
CustomWiggle.create("myWiggle", {wiggles:6});
//now use it in an ease. "rotation" will wiggle to 30 and back just as much in the opposite direction, ending where it began.
TweenMax.to($(this).find('img'), 2, {
    rotation:30, ease:"myWiggle"


However I get the error


ReferenceError: CustomWiggle is not defined


I have other GSAP on the same local host site, and that is working ok. The link to the wiggle js is correct and checked.


I have never tried using wiggle before. Am I overlooking something obvious?

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Hi @jwave:)


You also need to load CustomEase. This is the CodePen link for that script, but there is no CDN link since it's a member perk.




Hopefully that helps.


Happy tweening.


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That fixed it. Thanks.

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