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Help with animating SVG with user interaction

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Hi GreenSock People,

I've been playing around with GreenSock for a little while and I should note that I'm more of a Graphic Designer than a Digital designer, but I'm getting there.

So,  I need to complete a project that animates an SVG, similar to Petr Tichy's tutorial "SVG lab" https://ihatetomatoes.net/get-greensock-workshop/ .

But I would like to incorporate the user interaction of this http://www.because-recollection.com/laurent-garnier, which is in the showcase on the GSL site.

It's the 'cog' animation. So the longer you hold click the faster the timeline plays. I haven't started the job yet, but just wanted to know if there was a way to tackle this. Any help, would be amazing! Thanks. John

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Hi John. Welcome to the forums! 


We really try to keep these forums focused on specific GSAP-related questions. Did you have one of those? Happy to help. Unfortunately, as much as I love challenges, we simply don't have the resources to provide free general consulting. 


Again, please don't hesitate to post GSAP-specific questions around here anytime. Perhaps someone else has time to dive in and try to help you with your overall project but I'm slightly doubtful :)


Don't worry about being more of a designer - I've seen plenty who start dipping their toe in code and fall in love. It just takes a little time and investment, but I bet you'll eventually find that code opens up a whole new world of creativity for your brain. 


Happy tweening! 

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Hey Jack, cheers for that. No probs... I'll keep looking into it. 

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