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license confusion

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I am creating a web app for a large companies intranet, will I require a commercial license?


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Howdy Gareth. First of all, I'd recommend reading https://greensock.com/why-license/ since it explains the thinking behind our licensing model. Hopefully you'll agree that it's ultimately better for customers like you.


Anyway, the basic idea is that if you're not charging MULTIPLE customers for the thing that uses GSAP, and you don't need any of the bonus plugins, you're fine with the standard "no charge" license. It's fine if you charge a one-time development fee for a one-off project. See http://greensock.com/licensing for details. 


Even if you do need the special commercial license (and it sounds like you probably don't), hopefully you'd find that it pays for itself very quickly when you consider the time it saves you, the added capabilities, performance, reliability, etc. Typically our customers find that it pays for itself literally in a matter of days or weeks. But if you’re not happy, we’ll gladly issue a full refund. We’re passionate about having happy customers around here. 

Does that answer your question? 

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Thanks for the clarification. I agree it is great value , thank you for all your hard work.  

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