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Thales Ribeiro

Rotate on Mouse

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I'm trying to use greensock for an animation I have to rotate a number of objects around the mouse.

Anybody has any idea on how to use this code and be able to rotate multiple objects around the mouse by just one class? 

See the Pen mmKPaY by thalesribeiro (@thalesribeiro) on CodePen

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GSAP is not going to help you out much here. You have to find the angle from the absolute transform origin to the mouse for every thing you want to rotate.


var dx = mouse.x - origin.x;
var dy = mouse.y - origin.y;
var transform = "rotate(" + Math.atan2(dy, dx) + "rad)";
element.style.transform = transform;


So something like this, although I'd probably use canvas for this many elements.




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