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Angular2 and greensock "this" reserved word

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I'm building and angular 2 app that uses greenaock's draggable features. Both angular 2 and greensock utilize the reserved word "this" to call functions. When the onPress function is called on an Draggable item, I'd like to call an angular 2 function which is done by using "this.functionName()", however I am not able to because "this" is currently pointing to greensock's object. Is there a work around for this? Thank you

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I solved the problem.  Prior to calling the Draggable.create function, you reference the "this" keyword in a local variable like self.

For example

initDraggableItem_Characters() {
    let self = this; // references the angular 2 "this"
    Draggable.create('.itemDrag', {
      edgeResistance: 1,
      autoScroll: 1,
      liveSnap: false,
      throwProps: true,
      onPress: function () {
        this.activeCharacterType = self.getActiveCharacterType(this.target.id); // angular 2 function call
        this.startX = this.x; // greensock's this
        this.startY = this.y; // greensock's this

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