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Job Opening: Part-Full Time Animator / Developer

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Hello fellow GreenSock enthusiasts,


The company I run ( BannerWave ) is looking to expand and we need a couple part time to full time animators / developers.  Here are the specifics of the position.


Required skills / tools / technologies:
1. HTML5 / CSS / JS (canvas)
2. GSAP platform
3. WebGL (optional at the base level)
4. Node Experience (optional but a big plus)
Experience with:
1. Simple to Complex animation using Greensock
2. Interactive elements (even mini-games)
3. Cross-browser compatibility (IE 9+)
4. Interpreting client feedback.
This position is a 100% offsite position.  If you are interested and would like to setup a time to talk with use just email us info@bannerwave.com with your resume or LinkedIn profile.
Looking forward to talking to you!
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