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Liquid shape

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Hi everyone, 


I'm totally new to greensock and I have some questions.

I'd like to know if GS is the tool I need to realize a "simple" animation.

The idea is to animate a simple shape, like this one :  to make it wave a little. Nothing too fancy.


If it is, can you point me where to start please ? Thanks a lot !!!


Best regards,




See the Pen mWNpBo by Mat_ (@Mat_) on CodePen

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Check out the MorphSVGPlugin...



It's a paid plugin, but you test it out for free on CodePen...

See the Pen rOjeRq?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Thanks OSUblake, I think that the effect is almost the same that I see on the cape of the hero. Any tutorial available to reproduce it, to see if it's in my skills ? 

Thanks !

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That's pretty complicated. How are your JS and SVG skills? Animating the control points of a path is probably the easiest way to do something like if you don't want to use the MorphSVGPlugin. 


Here are some good threads about animating waves...




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