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check if ANY timeline is being played

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I wonder if i can check for any currently active timelines. Here is why:


I have many timelines, with many calls to different functions and all they refer to different DOM objects. Now i want to prevent playing new animations (or queue it) if any other animation is currently being played. Since i havent found anything useful in documentation (except exportRoot but that doesnt suits my need) i want to know if i can check if any timeline of any DOM is currently being played.  

I think about something like this:

if ( TweenMax.isActive() ) { 
 // add new animation to queue
} else {
 // call new animation

Is that somehow possible?


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Actually after more research

mainTimeline = exportRoot({ onComplete: callback })

 works quite fine for my needs as well as queue engine and event listener (end on main timeline). It needs some modifications but it is a good start. Hope that helps anybody.

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