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Johan ⚡️ Nerdmanship

GSAP on other platforms than web?

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Every dev around me get excited when I show them what can be done with HTML5 and GSAP. Most of them start playing with the idea to apply the same concept of programmed, and potentially data driven, animation to whatever project they are working on.


Very often I get the question if you can do the same things for other platforms, i.e. native iOS or android apps, and I simply don't know how to answer. My initial thought is that you can use GSAP wherever you can use JS, but I don't have enough experience from projects on these platforms.


Any experience, thoughts or recommendations on this?



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Great question, and your assumptions are correct, GSAP lives strictly in the JS world right now. 


Some developers claim that Adobe AIR is still a great tool for cross-platform publishing to iOS and Android. Those folks can use our ActionScript version of GSAP but there really isn't enough interest for us to pursue or support AS3 tooling any further. 


We've heard a handful of requests for an Apple Swift port of GSAP, but we are laser-focused on JavaScript right now due to the overwhelmingly strong market demand. 

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You can get GSAP running on platforms, but it's going to depend on what you're trying to do.


Haxe is a popular way to create cross-platform apps. Doing a quick search on GitHub, I found some externs for GSAP, which are kind of like TypeScript definitions.



Knowing a typed, object oriented language like TypeScript, ActionScript, Java, C++, C#, etc. would be helpful.

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