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there appears to be an issue with the ordering of gsap related imports in webpack. i had seen and mentioned this in one of our earlier threads, but was finally able to narrow down when it happens. i'm working on something where i'm trying to utilize several classes from the gsap library, and noticed when attempting to introduce TweenMax that it logs out as an empty object, and therefore i am not able to utilize it. TweenLite is also in the project, as well as BezierPlugin. the problem appears to be resolved if TweenMax gets imported before BezierPlugin, but hopefully this could be rectified as it is confusing to users, and in large organizations some codebases are subjust to strict linting rules that would prevent the reordering of imports. including zip file of simplified project with comments.


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Hm, that's pretty odd indeed - GSAP's internal system was specifically built to allow people to load things in any order. This sounds like a webpack issue. Hm. I'll look into it, though. If you have any ideas about something in GSAP that could be the source of the problem, please let me know. 

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